How to Clean Vinyl Siding?

After a long winter, spring cleaning can arrive in the form of cleaning your home’s vinyl siding. It might take a little more effort than good dusting, but it’s doable. And you totally should – your vinyl siding should be cleaned regularly to protect it and to keep it looking nice.

Let’s cross vinyl siding off your spring cleaning to-do list. You can depend on a few simple tools and products with a little elbow grease (and some outside help) to get the job done. These are the best ways to clean vinyl siding.

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Preparing the Supplies Needed for Cleaning

Start by gathering all the supplies you will need: a cloth, a cleaner, a garden hose with a spray nozzle, a soft brush, and a ladder (if needed). To clean the vinyl siding, choose a cleaner that’s specifically designed for use on vinyl.

Next, use the garden hose to wet the outside of the house. Get the siding area damp but not soaked. You may need a ladder to reach the highest portions of the house.

Apply the cleaner to the vinyl siding using either a cloth or a soft brush. Rinse off the cleaner with the garden hose and wipe it off with a soft cloth. Repeat the process if needed, and your vinyl siding will look brand new.

Cleaning Tips for Mildew and Other Debris

To clean your vinyl siding, start by wetting it with a garden hose and some mild detergent. Then use a soft cloth or brush to scrub away the mildew and any dirt or debris stuck on the surface.

Once you have scrubbed away the dirt and mildew, rinse it off with a garden hose. If you have persistent mildew or stains, you may need to use a cleaning solution like white vinegar and water or laundry detergent and water.

Use a garden sprayer or sponge to apply the solution and scrub the siding clean. Rinse the siding off with a garden hose and allow it to dry before applying any finish or sealant.

Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

Disconnect any outdoor outlets, and cover windows, doorways, and other objects. Once the area is properly prepared, attach a pressure washer nozzle to the siding.

Set it up close to the area you’ll be washing, and begin pressure washing vinyl siding for optimal results. Use a fan tip with the lowest pressure setting to start. This will avoid damaging your siding and minimize water consumption.

Rinse the siding from top to bottom with a sweeping back-and-forth motion. Focus on one section at a time, working from the bottom up. Rinse the siding frequently to remove dirt and debris.

Avoid focusing on one area for too long, and never point the pressure washer directly at corners or decorations. When finished, check for any traces and use a brush or cleaning product, and rinse again if necessary.

Find out more about cleaning vinyl siding by consulting a siding professional or visiting informative websites.

Maintaining a Clean Vinyl Siding

Maintaining clean vinyl siding can make all the difference for your home’s exterior. Make sure you gently wash away dirt and grime, spot-treat heavily soiled areas, and follow up with preventative measures.

Try these steps today to keep your vinyl siding looking great! For more tips and tricks, visit our site today!