7 Interior Design Trends That Are Dominating in 2023

Designing your property well is the step that turns it from a house to a home.

The market for interior design services is expected to grow by $24.13 billion soon. People are understanding the impact that design has on their homes and often rely on the help of pros to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Interior design is a lot like fashion, in that it changes culture and affects the way people live and feel. The tips below will help you when you’re interested in popular interior design trends that’ll make a difference.

1. Listening Rooms Are Growing in Popularity

The listening experience is sacred for many people. Turntables have made a huge comeback, Bluetooth speakers deliver a thumping audio experience, and people love playing and listening to musical instruments.

Incorporating a listening room is one of the most popular interior design ideas right now. It lets you turn a bonus room or spare space into a more usable area, and your audio will be enriched and more enjoyable in your new favorite room. You can make the listening room as small or large as you need to, ad it’s a room that you. can upgrade little by little.

2. Designers Are Choosing Earth Tones

You can’t talk interior design tips without discussing color options. Earth tones are incredibly popular at this moment. These are the colors that match what you will find in natural environments and landscapes.

Some examples of earth-tone colors that you might choose to bring your living space to life include:

  • Green
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue

It provides an all-natural environment that you’ll appreciate to the fullest, whether you’re picking furniture or choosing paint colors and artwork to adorn your walls. Each earth tone has a variety of shades and variations that you can choose between to give your home some added flair and personality.

3. Wellness and De-Stressing Are Taking Priority

When considering home design, wellness and decreasing stress are taking priority. People are prioritizing striking a balance between their work and home lives. Nothing allows you to unwind and enjoy some self-care like making decisions in your home that support this.

Examples of wellness-based interior design options include:

  • Installing a big tub with jets
  • Incorporating more natural sunlight
  • Aromatherapy equipment
  • Bamboo blinds and fixtures
  • A room for meditation and yoga

These sorts of interior design decisions will let you reduce your cortisol levels and help you lower your stress. This can help you lower your blood pressure, improve your mood, and enjoy a higher life quality.

Ceramic is always a nice fixture that adds to your home decor. The white hue opens up your living space and creates a bright and cheery appearance. Ceramic is also an elegant material that is versatile no matter what home style you’re going for.

Gold-edged ceramics are growing in popularity because of the artistic presentation that it provides. It adds some warmth to the palate without being overly busy or distracting. Just like there are different shades of white, there are also several different shades of gold that you can choose as an accent for your ceramic.

5. Open Floor Plans Allow Versatility

When you’re interested in decor ideas that are timeless, you can’t go wrong with an open floor plan. This works as well in a city loft as it does in a country farm home. An open floor plan gives you lots of room for movement, plenty of decorating, and more of a sense of freedom.

The possibilities are endless when decorating these types of open spaces. Each part of the room can serve a different purpose, and you can decorate it in ways that create flow.

6. People Are Going Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendliness is popular in every aspect of life right now. Companies are starting to make decisions to reduce waste and protect the environment. Government bodies are creating initiatives that are issuing tax rebates and other incentives for people to adapt.

You can make a lot of eco-friendly interior design decisions that will help you embrace green living. Start with window options that let in plenty of sunlight. It not only promotes vitality but also reduces the amount of time that you’re going to use your lights. This lets you reduce your electric bill and emissions usage at the same time.

Some other popular eco-friendly interior design options include switching to low-flow plumbing fixtures, changing to light-emitting diode (LED) light fixtures, and artificial fireplaces. People who prioritize sustainability will love these kinds of changes.

7. Art Deco Is Making a Comeback

If you’re interested in a variety of artistic styles that can benefit your home, it doesn’t get better than the tried and true classics. Art Deco style has been around since the early 1900s and has grown to be one of the most renowned interior design options.

Art Deco is bold, colorful, and can make your home stand out.

You can explore some of the latest trends here as well:


These interior design trends will help you get the most from your living space. You’re able to get more out of your living space and quality of life when you use these tips and find the help of designers that can take it steps further.

Begin with these 7 useful tips and browse our other content when you’d like to learn more about interior design and remodeling principles that can help you out.